Close-up of the comfortable chairs in the Herbarium Bar at the FREIgeist Hotel Göttingen



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Monday – Saturday

from 6.00 pm


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Plant spirit by the glass. A long bar flows through the airy HERBARIUM Bar, floating copper benches and simply designed armchairs, brick and colourful Moroccan cement stone tiles accentuate the interior. Enjoy a drink by the fire in our lounge with its copper fireplace.

A green wall installation featuring a variety of plants and herbs forms the heart of the HERBARIUM Bar, allowing the bar team to freshly harvest many of the ingredients of our drink creations that will be prepared right in front of guests. The concept is unique and based on the life cycle of the plant world - from seed via soil and leaf on to wood, flower and to the fruit. All our fantastic signature drinks are dedicated to these six stages, their unusual flavours ranging from fennel and coriander to woody oak and warming spices, and delicious fruit. The HERBARIUM team collaborates with the Old Botanical Garden in Göttingen to discover new ingredients and inspirations.

Nature is represented in the bar not only in the drinks we serve, but also in the original herbaria and specimens, which were curated in cooperation with our neighbour, the "Forum Wissen", and are now a permanent feature in the hotel. Whether you are sitting on one of our floating copper benches at the long bar or have made yourself comfortable by the fire - the interior will inspire you while you enjoy a drink. The DJ rostrum is designed to reflect the vintage refrigerator design found in our hotel rooms.

The bar concept was developed with DRINKSOLOGY®, the minds behind “The Dead Rabbit", arguably the best bar in the world. This cooperation, as well as weekly events and an extensive entertainment programme establish the HERBARIUM Bar as a gastronomic highlight to delight locals and visitors alike.

Das Restaurant INTUU

Restaurant INTUU

Colossally Tasty

Inside: food from Josper Grill, as well as sushi and sashimi at the chef's table - and overlooking the kitchen and its classic Japanese-South American Nikkei cuisine. This does not only sound delicious, it is too. And it’s uncomplicated too: in this restaurant, people eat and drink together. You sample, share, debate and celebrate together.
Drinks in der HERBARIUM-Bar

FLAVOURS from the plant world

Seed, earth, leaf, wood, flower and fruit - enjoy bold signature drinks whose aromas reflect the life stages of the plant world.

Feine Auswahl im HERBARIUM

Spezielle Pflanzenarten konserviert in Gläsern
Herbarien - Nasspräperate