Unsere Suite

FREIblick Suite

Unsere Suite

Take a bath above Göttingen’s rooftops

This unique room speaks for itself. Whoever checks in here - on the fifth and top floor - will discover our favourite spot in the entire hotel. As the only corner suite in the FREIgeist Göttingen, the 61-square metre FREIblick Suite lets you enjoy maximum daylight. The highlight: between the two windows, we have installed a freestanding Vallone bat - Model Pichola is minimalist, elegant and blends in harmoniously with other design classics by pols potten, Notre Monde, DCW editions and Santa & Cole.

The bar for those with a thirst for knowledge

in-room VON HALLERS bar contains all ingredients necessary for aGin & Tonic

Free WiFi

Highspeed WiFi everywhere

Easily accessible for free spirits – FREIgeister

only 293 steps to the ICE train station Göttingen

Spezielle Pflanzenarten konserviert in Gläsern
Herbarien - Nasspräperate
Nahaufnahme zweier Arbeitsplätze in der Bibliothek im FREIgeist Hotel Göttingen