Stars on the horizon

When you check in here, you are getting not only 24 square metres of design space, but also views of Goettingen - City of Knowledge. A view for more vision, views for more insight or simply relaxing in style and sleeping really well? You decide. Our contribution: handmade lounge chairs, a super comfy box spring bed, oak flooring, a suitcase bench made from reclaimed wood and a stylish composition of design classics. The layout and facilities of the FREIblick room is identical to the FREIgeist room.

The bar for those with a thirst for knowledge

We don't make taste experiments In the HERBARIUM bar, but aroma compositions with aha effect

Free WiFi

Highspeed WiFi everywhere

Easily accessible for free spirits – FREIgeister

only 293 steps to the ICE train station Göttingen