FREIdenker Room


More space for INSPIRATION

If you are staying in Göttingen for a bit longer or your suitcase is that little bit bigger, choose the FREIdenker room. At 33 square metres, it’s nine square metres larger than the FREIgeist and the FREIblick rooms. You can indulge in comfort and peace to work in the FREIgeist fashion: in a box spring double bed with an ash headboard to lean on and the wall lamp No. 304 from the series "Lampe Gras" by DCW éditions to light up the room. Features also include a pols potten reading chair, Trípode G6 floor lamp and a side table by Notre Monde. Oak wooden flooring and floor to ceiling, absolutely soundproof picture windows that can be completely blacked out complete the collection of elements ensuring your total comfort. A 360 degree Bluetooth speaker from KREAFUNK from Denmark provides the soundtrack.

The bar for those with a thirst for knowledge

We don't make taste experiments In the HERBARIUM bar, but aroma compositions with aha effect

Free WiFi

Highspeed WiFi everywhere

Easily accessible for free spirits – FREIgeister

only 293 steps to the ICE train station Göttingen

Spezielle Pflanzenarten konserviert in Gläsern
Herbarien - Nasspräperate
Nahaufnahme zweier Arbeitsplätze in der Bibliothek im FREIgeist Hotel Göttingen