FREIgeist Rooms


Sleep well, wake up RELAXED

We do things differently. The archetypal free spirit - FREIgeist! Quirky and open minded, but in terms of design we always follow our intuition. That's why we've designed this 24-square-metre double room with everything that speaks to our hearts, such as a box spring bed, design classics and upcycled furniture. The wardrobe is reminiscent of a vintage fridge and sounds emanate from aFUNK, a wireless 360-degree Bluetooth speaker from our Danish friends of KREAFUNK.

The bar for those with a thirst for knowledge

We don't make taste experiments In the HERBARIUM bar, but aroma compositions with aha effect

Free WiFi

Highspeed WiFi everywhere

Easily accessible for free spirits – FREIgeister

only 293 steps to the ICE train station Göttingen

Spezielle Pflanzenarten konserviert in Gläsern
Herbarien - Nasspräperate
Nahaufnahme zweier Arbeitsplätze in der Bibliothek im FREIgeist Hotel Göttingen