Unsere Junior-Suite

FREIsitz Junior Suite

Unsere Junior-Suite

Rarity and unique piece

A desirable and unique FREIsitz Junior Suite is particularly generous at 38 square metres and accommodates a comfortable sofa, where you can go through your presentation in peace, concentrate on work or switch off completely.

During the day, the floor to ceiling windows – 3.14 metres tall - ensure that the FREIsitz Junior Suite is flooded with light, at night, you can appreciate the comfort of your box spring bed, the lack of noise thanks to the absolutely sound proof windows and - if desired - complete darkness.

The bar for those with a thirst for knowledge

We don't make taste experiments In the HERBARIUM bar, but aroma compositions with aha effect

Free WiFi

Highspeed WiFi everywhere

Easily accessible for free spirits – FREIgeister

only 293 steps to the ICE train station Göttingen

Spezielle Pflanzenarten konserviert in Gläsern
Herbarien - Nasspräperate
Nahaufnahme zweier Arbeitsplätze in der Bibliothek im FREIgeist Hotel Göttingen